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The answer to this one question is always NO

“Craig, will you please spend a week with my wife and me giving us personal ministry? We will pay you anything. It’s our last hope.”

You would probably not believe me if I told you how often I get this specific request. The answer is always, “No,” and here’s why. Jan and I spent many years doing just this, personal pastoral counseling/ministry, but then the Lord gave us a method to multiply our efforts, and what we discovered was shocking.

You see, this was how Family Foundations International and the seminars we now conduct, were born. What we discovered was that the process was MORE POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE than our personal one-on-one counseling. In fact, it’s so powerful that I can’t re-create it in the counseling setting, which is why I decline those requests.

As you experience this powerful transformation in your own life and marriage, we will also TEACH YOU THE PROCESS THAT WE CALL “JESUS WONDERFUL COUNSELOR.” The real secret of this ministry process entails bringing people into the presence of the living Lord Jesus Christ, and allowing Him to counsel and heal them. This process is similar to the 4 men in the Bible, who lowered their paralyzed friend through the roof into the presence of Jesus. This encounter with Jesus brought total healing and restoration to the paralyzed man. If you care about the spiritual well being of the people around you and in your life, you will learn how to bring them to Jesus and walk them them through this powerful process to see them healed.

So now I hope you will understand what I mean when I say that if you come spend time with us at a 1-week or a 2-week School of Ministry you will experience healing and personal growth that otherwise might take a lifetime to attain.

So if you are ever in need of ministry and ask Jan or me for one-on-one time, we’ll decline. But we will also implore you to attend a School of Ministry, because that’s where the true transformation happens.

You may need ministry RIGHT NOW in your life. Or maybe you want to BRING HEALING TO THOSE AROUND YOU. If so, below are the next opportunities to attend.

Believe me, the most incredible feeling in the world is to watch the Father undo the enemy’s lies right before your very eyes. And without giving too much away about the process, that’s exactly what He does at a School of Ministry.


2015 School of Ministry Dates

Mar. 29 – Apr. 2       Colo. Springs, Colorado      Reg. $125/person

Click to Register for the Colo. Springs 1-week event

Questions? Contact

You must have already attended a Blessing Generations Seminar. If you have not, you can attend the companion seminar immediately preceding this event. More info here.

May 1-9   North Wiltshire, Prince Edward Island  Reg. $125 pp

Click to Register for the PEI 1-week event

Questions? Contact

May 22-30          Kona, Hawaii          Reg. $125/person

Click to Register for the Kona 1-week event

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  Jul. 18-Aug. 1        Lakewood, Colorado        Reg.  $450/person

Click to Register for the Lakewood 2-week event

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You Are Needed


A global story of healing in families and blessing in the home is being written by the finger of God here in the US and across the nations. He is using His people to write HIS STORY. You can probably look back on 2014 and see how God has used you, can’t you? We’re certainly grateful for the way God has used you at FFI. We all have a part to play.

Though we each have our own, unique experiences, each story is designed by God to follow the same theme as HIS STORY. What is the theme? There are always four “acts” to the narrative:

  1. Life was once good, peaceful, and fulfilling, as in THE GARDEN.
  2. Evil entered and something awful happened, whether it be injustice, slavery, or cruelty, as it was in THE FALL.
  3. Now a great battle must be fought or a perilous journey taken, and at many points along the way, it appears that evil will indeed triumph. This parallels ISRAEL’S HISTORY.
  4. At just the right moment, the hero comes on the scene, defeats evil and restores justice, freedom, and peace to the land. This is the Evil One’s defeat through JESUS, THE CROSS, AND THE RESURRECTION.

Every good story borrows its plot from HIS STORY. For centuries it has been the theme of books, plays, and currently movies. Many movies including Star Wars, Braveheart, Gladiator, The Hobbit, or Hunger Games portray this same sequence. Many people like to watch movies because they hope to find in someone else’s adventure something that will encourage them to persevere and overcome in their own story.

God recently reminded Jan and me of three critical things you MUST know about your story especially as we start this new year of 2015.

  1. Things in life are not what they seem. The unseen world is truly more real and more dangerous than the seen world. On a daily basis, how much awareness do you really have of the influence of the unseen world?
  2. We are at war. Lost people, broken hearts, shattered dreams, broken marriages, devastated children, casualties and captives to the enemy are all around us. On a daily basis how aware are you really of the war?
  3. You have a crucial role to play, to live out your story, and to rescue the hearts and families of others to live out their story. The hour is late. Much time has been wasted. You are desperately needed now. Have you lost heart or are you willing to be actively engaged in the battle and the story NOW?

You are needed in the battle now! It is NOT too late.

Satan’s primary strategy is to cause us to lose heart and give up fighting the battle to which we were called. Just because you are no longer fighting doesn’t mean you are at peace. In reality, passivity and giving up only leads to slavery. The enemy’s purpose is to get you to quit fighting and then remove your freedom in every area of life and make you a slave. A life of slavery to sickness, debt, isolation, marital disharmony and strife, meaningless work, and hopelessness is not where we are meant to abide; that’s not what Jesus meant when he promised “life abundantly” in John 10:10.

God has given us some awesome tools in FFI to help individuals, couples, and families win their battles and then use those victories to help others. By God’s grace and with His anointing we have seen some of the following victories this year:

  • Ancient Paths Seminars conducted by permanent trained ministry teams in 48+ nations around the globe
  • 2400+ participants in the United States
  • Close to 2500 Ancient Paths Seminars conducted worldwide in 2014
  • 2 two-week schools of ministry training new Seminar Coordinators

An attendee of the Family Blessing Conference in Durban, South Africa, wrote me and said, “Speaking on behalf of my family…we experienced a “watershed” moment together and our lives will never be the same again. It was SO worth flying my daughter up from Cape Town to join us. I sense in my spirit that through the representation of the different Toti churches at the conference, that this will give us common ground to build bridges between us and between our community as a whole. When we develop a culture of blessing, we will not be able to contain it…”

Pastor Frank, who is now a coordinator who regularly conducts FFI seminars in his church told us, “In 20 minutes the facilitator walked me through something that had been bothering me for 25 years! I became convinced that Ancient Paths was a ministry tool that our church needed and that the body of Christ could use as a way to help set people free.”

This last testimony highlights the VALUE received at our seminars: Although an appointment with a counselor often costs more than $120 per hour, many people tell us that the benefit they received from the ministry in an Ancient Paths seminar was far more life impacting than weeks or sometimes years of psychological counseling, or even Christian counseling. Our registration fee simply doesn’t cover the cost of delivering this valuable, life-changing experience. In 2014, the cost to FFI for sending someone through a seminar was about $125 more than the average registration fee.

This $125 difference was covered by the gifts of people just like you. Thank you!

In 2015, we want to send 8000 people through FFI seminars. Would you pray about sponsoring one of the following:

  • A 20-person seminar (for a gift of $2500)

  • A small group of 8 ($1000)

  • Half of a small group ($500)

  • A couple ($250)

  • An individual ($125)

Please consider a year-end gift toward changing lives in 2015. Simply click this button:


With your help, we are going to make a huge impact in 2015. We are grateful to God for faithful friends like you. What a privilege to be a part of His story together.

Thank you for standing with us,

How to Find Favor With Any Person


“I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my mouth.
I will enter His courts with praise.
I will say this is the day that the Lord has made.
I will rejoice for He has made me glad.”

The lyrics of this song old from the 1980s based on Psalm 100 hold the key to finding favor with any person, but especially with someone in authority. Psalm 100, of course tells us how to come before the Lord. But I have found that these same principles will work to generate favor and to motivate anyone.

How would you approach a boss, husband, pastor, friend from whom you would like to make a request and you desire that person’s favor? Suppose a husband had committed to initiate prayer together with his wife daily, but after a week of doing so, he forgets to do so for three days. The wife desires to remind him and motivate him to initiate their prayer times together again. But how should she ask him?

Many wives may approach a husband in the following way. With an annoyed tone of voice she might say, “I thought we were going to pray together daily! But you don’t care enough to even keep your commitment to God or me.” Will this approach generate favor with her husband and motivate him to initiate their prayer time together again? Probably not! What could she do instead? Follow the four principles from the Psalm 100 strategy of finding favor.

  1. Enter her husband’s presence with thanksgiving. She could begin her initial conversation in gratefulness, thanking her husband for the many things that he has done well and for which she is grateful.
  2. Enter his courts with praise. She could make a couple of statements of admiration, stating how proud she is to be his wife and what an awesome husband he is.
  3. Let her husband know that this is a unique day made by the Lord and she is so glad to share it with him.
  4. Let him know that just being the wife of such a wonderful husband, father and man has made her very glad.

Finally she may then make her request in honor by saying something such as the following. “Honey, when we pray together, it makes me feel so loved, so secure. Do you think we could pray together tonight?” What man will say no? No one, of course.

Approaching any person with these 4 steps will generate favor for you with that person. Try it out and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear your comments and feedback.

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