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The Question for Men


Find a Question for Men near you!

Find a Question for Men near you!

Don’t Let Anyone Else Answer the Question

Questions to Consider:

  • Who have I allowed to answer that question for me?
  • What difference do my actions today make?
  • How should I relate to the opposite gender
  • How will I know when I meet the right person who is my future spouse?

What is it?

A new, exciting and life-changing teaching and audio/video presentation designed specially for young men and young women but found to open hearts of men and women of all ages.

The Question includes thought provoking teaching on video and sharing, prayer and Holy Spirit-led ministry to the heart in small groups. As teaching topics are brought up, the small groups, led by trained facilitators, give opportunity for ministry in that specific area of the man/woman’s life.

There are two separate versions of The Question, one for women and one for men.

The Question is conducted in a Friday evening and all day Saturday format.

Who should come?

Young men/women from ninth grade and older (There is no upper age limit; the seminar is approriate for adults of all ages).

The teaching and ministry in small groups will deal with topics pertinent to young men/women—not “boys or girls.” Portions of The Question may not be appropriate for younger men/women who have not begun to seek their adult identity, take interest in the opposite gender, etc. Maturity in interest and attention level is necessary.


In order to secure your place in the upcoming seminar, your registration form and payment must be received by the early registration deadline (typically one week prior to the start of the seminar). Registration after this date is accepted on a space-available basis and the early discounted registration fee will not apply. Because space is reserved for each registrant in a small group led by trained facilitators, all registration fees are nonrefundable after the early registration discount deadline.

A love offering will be taken.